but be happy because your favourite salads are back, like our unmissable Italian orecchiette pasta salad with mozzarella di bufala, capers and olives, or our organic chickpea & avocado salad with organic rye, raisins and kale cabbage.

and since we also like to revisit the classics you’ve loved so much, the delicious lentil & poached egg salad we introduced several years ago promises a spectacular comeback with button mushrooms and pumpkin, drizzled with nut oil and cider vinegar.
among our new winter options for this year, don’t miss our 3 grain salmon salad with organic quinoa, bulgur and spelt, ASC-certified smoked salmon, pomegranate and Chinese grapefruit, a balanced option to invigorate you as the temperatures fall!

a sandwich to go with your organic soup or salad? our mango and coriander chicken curry pita will take you on an exotic journey and our new vegan mushroom mini brioche will tantalise everyone…not just vegans!
and if, like many, it’s cheese that gets you going, try our toasted provolone cheese, mushroom and nut sandwich, a future favourite without doubt.

or if you’d prefer a hot option, would the foodie in you love our new duck parmentier and oat crumble or yearn for the ever-popular aubergine and red lentil dahl?

and finish off on a sweet note with our new dessert creations like our banana bircher muesli with turmeric, a tasty and balanced combination, our deliciously tangy kiwi and blueberry chia pearl dessert or our Acai chia pearl dessert with an organic cocoa bean crunch.

all this is just a glimpse of a winter that promises to be full of comfort.
how better to head smoothly from 2019 into a happy 2020 together!