this autumn it’s YOGI FOOD
with more of us focusing on healthy lifestyles, adopting yogi food invites us to listen to our bodies and energy: a range which we will find in our salads, yogi flow, yogi boost and yogi relax. vegan recipes which have as a common base a light hemp sauce, helping with relaxation, with blond psyllium known for its body balance virtues and almond. each recipe has a tasty profile, the YOGI BOOST which is stimulated by the curry, the lemongrass and the energy of the hazelnut, the YOGI RELAX is deliciously made with pomegranate roasted pumpkin, grilled pecan nuts and orange zest or the YOGI FLOW for a complete harmony with ginger, mint and lemon.

it’s also the comeback of some of our favourites like the chicken and nut pasta or the heartbeat which honours raw vegetables and goat cheese.

on the sandwich side, we will have one for everyone’s tastes: 4 mini rustic baguettes and 3 mini brioches.
meat, veggie and vegan options, our seasonal recipes will have everything to satisfy your cravings. among our new products: the mini rustic with cured ham, mozzarella di buffalo, figs and walnut…you will love it!

on the board, as always, our soups, toasties, lasagnes, hot dishes and the return of the risotto.
you will discover our vegan bourguignon which will surprise you: lots of vegetables, a red wine sauce and tagliatelle of course…without egg!

in autumn, it’s also the return of the chia seeds.
a cojean classic with the mango-passionfruit chia seed pudding, or our original new recipe with chia seed and golden spices latte?

its also the arrival of our new ORGANIC AND VEGAN granola with seeds and almond. slow cooked, this cooking temperature helps preserve the nutrients and vitamins. developed with refined sugar, it contains a little agave and maple syrup.
discover our seasonal yoghurt from the 14th of september.

talking about granola, remember that cojean is also your breakfast destination.
our hot drinks will go perfectly with our pastries, bircher and other classics but also with our new matchatella pancakes, new egg brioche – warm little muffin with free-range egg omelette, comte, ham, and mustard sauce. a product so appreciated in our london addresses that we could not resist to offer it to you in paris!

we finish with the big news of the season: cojean says good bye to avocado and launches the NOVOCADO TOAST. to understand everything about this big change, have a look here.