summer has arrived with new cojean recipes full of sunshine.

with lockdown finally behind us....temperatures are going up and it’s now time to offer everyone a daily breath of fresh air.
our new range of fresh and balanced recipes should suit all.

try our new PESTO SUMMER VEGETABLES AND PESTO BARLEY SALAD made with grilled vegetables on lemon-basil pesto barley base with green olives and cherry tomatoes.
while our ALL GREEN RICE SALAD, with green vegetables and organic wild rice or our NICOISE SALAD has always been appreciated and is now revisited with an added twist!

fancy a little sandwich?
on the sandwich side, the HAM & CHEESE RUSTIC with the TUNA & CUCUMBER RUSTIC remain the must have in their traditional breads.
the brioche range, the HAM CHEDDAR & COURGETTE BRIOCHE and the vegan BANH MI BRIOCHE evoking then taste of vietnam with marinated tofu, carrot, cucumber, coriander and thai sauce without egg and butter, because yes its possible at cojean.

stay hydrated.
GAZPACHO here you are, tomato, cucumber and peppers, all organic, olive oil, sliced bread and a drop of vinegar make this recipe simple but great.

on the juice side, the 2 latest creations bring the freshness needed for the season,
the RED VIVAL, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry and apple, a fruity recipe rich in antioxidants and the YOGI TIME, carrot, banana, pineapple, hemp seeds for soothing and serenity.

will you be having a bowl? our ACAI BOWL is back and will stay all year round because you love it so much and to make you happy!
guilt free pleasure which will make the perfect breakfast for a sweet and light lunch or a refreshing little break.

so before the holiday, come to cojean to enjoy the first rays of sun, see you soon !