This year promises to be rich in flavour and novelties…Cojean will remain faithful to its values and the quality of its products, always going further. Our winter range offers lots of new recipes.

Don’t we love YOGI FOOD.
On the novelty side, the YOGI RANGE will continue to surprise you! Calm and well-fed, it’s just the magic formula for a happy body? The YOGI HARMONY SALAD with kale, roasted celery, mushroom, rice vinegar and soy sauce. For even more pleasure, our YOGI FOOD sauces with hemp, almond and psyllium will liven up each mouthful.

For the Cojean afficionados, it’s the return of our unbeatable ITALIAN PASTA SALAD, faithful to the original recipe.
Our sandwich range also reflects the season: For the mini brioches, the MUSHROOM PICKLE is back and for the fans of the rustics, you can discover our latest novelty, the mini CAESAR RUSTIC.

For the sweet tooth, we think of you! Healthy focus? You can find our chia seed with a new recipe: The BLUE MOON with super foods and a raspberry compote;

Gourmands be happy! Two new financiers have arrived on our counters; one is hazelnut and chocolate, the other one is vegan raspberry and pumpkin seed…You see, we are going to look after you all winter!